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Greetings all,

My other half and I are beginning our 2+ year oddesy of full-time RVing all around the US & Canada. We've actually been living full-time in Our Holiday Rambler Presidential since we took delivery on it in December '04. We've been staying at a very nice camping resort in Foxboro, MA. Wintering in an RV is quite the experience. Full time RVing/camping, as you can imagine, requires strict adherence to a well defined budget. It means living a simpler life and giving up on buying toys/nicknacks and what-have-you.

We're going to be running a website that will have photos, videos and travel essays we've written: Click here to view our travelog - not much there yet

Nice to see an RVing community here inside of the greater LJ area.

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Excellent. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.
Hello, Dave! My name is Cheyenne from Denver (but everyone calls me T.Bear). I am in the process of planning out what you are currently experiencing: life on the road. My mate Anya and myself expect to begin our journey this January stating in California. We're shopping for a smallish late model class C motorhome, because we need the efficiency. I've planned out this trip twice in the last three years, now it's time I take the plunge. In my research I've turned up this Livejournal and your webpage, and thought I'd drop in and say hi to a fellow traveler.

Previously I've planned on doing the adventure in a large fifth wheel an pickup combo, much like yours. That may come to pass in the future, but right now my mate cannot drive something that huge (I have a class B CDL so it's no problem for me). I never thought I'd deliberately search for a class C, but here I am working on it. I've worked in the RV industry on the technical and repair side.

Speaking of work, as a CDL driver I expect no shortage of opportunities on the road, but I don't plan on spending any more than two weeks in any one spot before moving on. I am curious what kind of work you do to keep the old bank account going? We'll be living off of savings for the first several weeks, then settling down in one town for a while to recharge. I'm aware of Workamper but have yet to subscribe.

Anyway, sorry to bend your ear like this, hope to cross paths on the road someday!